Psychology - Melbourne - Maybe it’s time to book an appointment with your counsellor near Bentleigh in Melbourne

  • Do you want to flourish?
  • Want to look at a new perspective on life?
  • Do you want personal and relationship growth?

Maybe it’s time to book an appointment with your counsellor near Bentleigh in Melbourne

Whether you want a chance to grow personally or you want to reconnect with your partner, Relate, near Bentleigh can assist you in reaching your goals.

Men’s counselling

Psychology - Melbourne - Men’s counsellingFrom my personal and professional experience, it can often be difficult for men to seek help. Counselling, whilst a great tool for so many people, can often be a sign of weakness for men. Historically, men have always been the hunter gatherers, this instinct is still seen in their resistance to get help. But in order to support their family, men need to think of their well-being and how counselling can help them and in-turn their ability to support others.

Counselling can help you reach your goals

I listen to your needs and challenges in a non-confrontational and non-judgemental space. I look at how we can apply coping mechanisms into your life to achieve your desired goals.

My Counselling, near Bentleigh, can break down barriers

Psychology - Melbourne - My Counselling, near Bentleigh, can break down barriersWhilst the word ‘counselling’ is so broad, Relate, near Bentleigh in Melbourne works to break down barriers that are sometimes in our own minds. Only once we break these barriers can we move forward to a place of awareness and mindfulness. So, you can enjoy being in the present.

Counselling can unleash your potential

You already have the strength in you to flourish in your everyday life, my counselling will help you identify the strength within you to reach for opportunities.

Counsellor or Phycologist – we just want to help you flourish

Psychology - Melbourne - Counsellor or Phycologist – we just want to help you flourish
We are not about labels at Relate near Bentleigh in Melbourne, whether you want to call us counsellors or psychologists, our function is simply to give you an open forum to express your concerns, feelings and/or issues and work out how to cope with them.

  • Do you feel unconnected from your partner?
  • Is having a child taking a toll on your relationship?
  • Do you want your partner to understand you?

Maybe it’s time to get some relationship counselling at my clinic in Bentleigh

Relationships can often suffer when one or both parties are not feeling heard, this can lead to frustration, anger and loneliness.

It’s common for couples to go through periods where they are not seeing eye to eye, but as life changes its sometimes important to deal with these issues before they spiral out of control.

Couple counselling is a great forum for both parties to be heard.

What can I expect when I go to couples counselling?

When you get counselling from our clinic near Bentleigh, you can expect to get out of it what you put into it. If you are honest, open and committed to counselling then it can be very rewarding and give you a new lease on your relationship.

Couples counselling for couples with young children

Psychology - Melbourne - Couples counselling for couples with young children
As much as children are loved and bring so much happiness to your family, the challenges associated with a family, such as financial implication, the sleep deprivation the lack of alone time can often mean you lose yourself or each other over time.

Relate, near Bentleigh in Melbourne, can help you work through the challenges and give you tools to cope.

We also provide a FREE workshop to assist couples with this transition into family life. Should you want a more initiate setting, we can conduct smaller classes for a small fee.

Call Relate, NEAR Bentleigh in Melbourne for a seamless transition into family life.

For all your counselling needs, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you can’t or don’t want to meet face to face we can organise a Skype meeting.